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AUDIOCENTER Debuts its First Roadshow and Seminar in Philippines

On 25th-26th Nov 2016, AUDIOCENTER distributor in Philippines Tanlin Electronics Corporation held a large-scale Seminar & Roadshow in Cebu which is the second biggest city of Philippines. This was the first Audiocenter Seminar & Roadshow held in Philippines. 

Tanlin Electronics Corporation, who has rich experience in Professional Audio market for more than 20 years, they chose AUDIOCENTER K-LA-DSP active DSP-controlled line array system and TS Series active DSP-controlled loudspeaker for the seminar & roadshow. 


The system deployed was K-LA210-DSP, which is a Active Dual 10" customized woofer from Beyma, 1 X 2.84" Customized Compression driver with composite membrane from Beyma with 1600 Watts of Class-D amplifier from Pascal, The rig was classic Left and Right cluster of 12 cabinets of K-LA210-DSP per side with 100-degree symmetric directivity output together with a smooth tonal response free of any secondary lobes. With the addition of 12 compatibale AUDIOCENTER K-LA218-DSP Dual 18" Active front loading subwoofer strategicalled positioned in Line Sub confirguration in front of the stage to deliver impressive deep, punchy bass down to 30Hz.


The on-stage monitoring was provided by AUDIOCENTER TS Series which is DSP Controlled Powered Loud Speaker, 6 cabinets of TS-15 was used as stage wedges. 

The P.A was Aligned and Tuned by AUDIOCENTER systems engineer Roshan Malim, who oversaw the entire system setup for the event.

They not only invited the mayor of Cebu to participate in the seminar & roadshow, but also played the promotion video for many days via the LED screen which is located at the most prosperous business area.  Besides, two famous local band, Limited Edition & Sonata Cebu Bands performed some retro to rock music with the most local DJ's spinning popular tracks. Hundreds of people enjoyed an unforgettable and passionate night.


Tanlin Electronics Corporation was very satisfied with AUDIOCENTER products which can endure heavy rains, typhoon and lighting, since Cebu had been with terrible weather for several days. It’s fortunate that it became sunny on the seminar & roadshow days. Thanks for the hard work of Tanlin Electronics Corporation in making this event a grand success.