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Product Overview

K-LA28-SP can be used in Applications like Live sound for rental application for small and mid-size venues, like roadshows, parties, company event, etc and Permanent installation like ballroom, conference room, coffee shop, lounge bar,etc.

K-LA28-SP, an active crossover line array speaker, is designed to meet the high requirements of touring performance, rental and fixed installation.

The HF driver of K-LA28-SP is customized Beyma driver with composite membrane (1.75”voice coil), and the MF/LF driver is customized Beyma 8” driver (2”voice coil).

In application, 1 Unit of K-LA28-SP should work together with 1 Unit of K-LA28-MA. This one-driven-one working mode can fulfill paralleling of the amplifier signal by the 8-pin power connector on the back panel. 

K-LA28-SP can be suspended vertically. The integrated hardware with innovative fast lock mechanics built-in to the cabinet with 9.5mm diameter highly durable pins. The system can be configured in modularization according to the venues. Same frame can be either used for flying the arrays or for ground stacking the arrays (We suggest 4pcs maximum for stacking). To meet different demands, by use of three-rubber feet sustain frame and coupling bar, the system also can be stacked (maximum 4 units).

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Customized drivers from Beyma

PTV phase plug design for an extremely precise dispersion, HF horn design ensures even coverage and Optimized for smooth frequency response

Passive crossover design

High-efficient cooling system of the driver

Optimized and compact elegant premium design cabinet

● CNC made cabinet of excellent wood

Comprehensive accessories suitable for different applications


Active crossover line array speaker

Application System        

1pcs K-LA28-SP together with 1pcs K-LA28-MA

Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber)


Rated Power(AES standard)

LF: 400W    HF: 50W



Maximum SPL


Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


Vertical Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)

Depend on the amount of the speaker and curvature of the line array

LF Driver            

Customized Beyma ferrite driver, 2” voice coil, 200W(AES)

HF Driver           

Customized Beyma ferrite driver, 1” exit, 1.75” voice coil, 50W(AES)

Input Connectors


LF: 8Ω(+3, -3) 

MF: 8Ω(+2, -2) 

HF: 8Ω(+1, -1)

Angle Adjustment      

0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°

Cabinet Material   

CNC made of excellent wood

Cabinet Color      

Black is standard and default color.Consult with sales team for the other customized colors



Net Weight


K-LA28-MA active DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker

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